Moray Eel



Moray eels are quite scary at first, for their intimidating appearance but also their bad reputation (remember Disney’s Little Mermaid?). But as the vast majority of underwater creatures, they do not present great danger if left alone. They even pose for pictures!

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What are the different prints?

All the print types and formats will give you fantastic pictures, but the two supports present some differences:

Aluminium Dibond is a composite material made of two aluminium layers. Pictures printed on aluminium Dibond are top-grade, robust prints with a long lifespan.

In Acrylic prints, pictures are mounted under 2 mm (1/16″) of acrylic glass. It is a bit more expensive but provides more accurate colour and depth.

For both print types, we offer 3 sizes: Small (30 x 20 cm), Medium (60 x 40 cm) and Large (120 x 80 cm).